Mastering Rates

One track - £35

Two tracks - £66

Three tracks - £96

Four tracks - £124

Five tracks - £150

Additional tracks - £25


Additional radio/edit/instrumental master - £10 each

Vinyl ready master - £10 each


Exisiting customers, please contact me to discuss rates.


Compiling of DDP & Red Book CD inc. ISRC, CD Text etc. - £20

DDP image/player - free

CD-R master - £15

Additional CD Copies - £5


Unless requested masters delivered as 16bit 44.1kHz wav files.


If you have any specific delivery requirements, please contact me.


Bank transfer or PayPal accepted.

Mix Submission Guide

  • Mixes should be 24-32 bit Wav or Aiff's and at the sample rate of your session i.e 44.1-96kHz.
  • Leave some headroom -4-3dB is ideal.
  • Remove any limiting, maximising or clipping on the final output before exporting.
  • Mix bus compression is fine, if you are happy with the result. 

Mix Evaluation & Revisions

  • I can give you feedback on mix issues, before your mix submission. Contact me for details.
  • Master revisions are free, within reason. Most problems are normally dealt with one revsion.
  • Altered mixes will be charged £5 on top of mastering rate. 

If you have any other questions regarding your mix submission, or anything else contact Paul o' Brien.


mobile  - 07985 312048

email -

If you have any queries or wish to have a chat about your project, please contact Paul on:

phone 07985 312048



Use the link below for sending projects or for example masters.

WeTransfer Audio Upload