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POB delivers best possible results in the shortest turnaround. Love the analogue feel of my last few POB masters. Round and warm bottom end and sizzling top end are what I personally strive for in my recordings and after Paul has his hands on them I'm never disappointed"

Dave Jones aka Zed Bias, Maddslinky 


"Paul has mastered tracks for many of our acts and we have been consistently pleased with the results. We know when using Paul that the tracks will come back enhanced and of a better quality. He is our first port of call whenever we need a track mastering"
Debbie Gwyther, ATC Management


"I have been present at every album and mastering session for every record A Certain Ratio have ever produced and that is en excess of 90 records. When I started using Pob Audio I was so pleased with the results that I now feel confident enough to not attend the mastering sessions.The last album we released was very organic and live sounding and Pob Audio managed to retain that feel and sound and make it feel even more organic and live sounding"

Martin Moscrop, A Certain Ratio


"Where the auditory sensitivities of us mere mortal musos ends, Pob takes over. He hears things in a track and fixes them. And that's the magic you want from a mastering engineer. One of the best selling sample libraries on Loopmasters recently has been my Real Strings Volume 1, mastered by Pob"

Pete Whitfield, Real Strings


"I have used Pobaudio for mastering all my tracks over the past few years and have found the results to be of the highest standard, which is a huge help as it saves me a big journey to London and back everytime I needed a track mastering" 
Jason Herd aka Juan Kidd (Defected, Subliminal & Toolroom)

If you have any queries or wish to have a chat about your project, please contact Paul on:

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